Portland News

July 4, 2019

Thursday Evening Service


Prelude: The orchestra played “His Faithfulness” and “Mighty Fortress.” Then the choir and accompaniment orchestra presented “This Is America,” which gave tribute to the various branches of the United States military. (Pictured above: Jim Lambert stands for his service in the Navy).

Featured testimony: Chet King testified that his father passed away when he was eleven years old, and although joining the Navy a few years later helped him learn to obey orders, he began following the crowd in sinful endeavors. After he was discharged from the Navy, a co-worker invited him to a youth service at the Apostolic Faith where he witnessed young people who were excited about the Gospel. He decided  he wanted what they had, and while praying at home, God made a real change in his heart. God also helped him make restitution for all the things he had stolen from the Navy, and during his first camp meeting, he received his sanctification and baptism of the Holy Spirit. He said it has now been fifty-one years since that first camp meeting, and the Gospel gets better and better.

First special: The choir sang “If God Be For Us.”

Last special: The choir sang “If My People Will Pray,” with accompaniment orchestra.

Sermon: John Baros, pastor in Medford, Oregon, read 1 Kings 21:3-4 for this text, and encouraged the congregation to value their spiritual inheritance above anything the world may offer.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.