Portland News

July 4, 2019

Thursday Morning Bible Teaching

Prelude: Elizabeth Adebayo played “Violin Concerto No. A in A Minor, III Movement” and “Blessed Assurance” on the violin. Then the United Kingdom choir sang “Since Jesus Came into My Heart (Medley).”

Featured testimony: Rolland Deler, District Superintendent of Haiti and pastor of the St. Maarten church in the Caribbean, gave a report on the work in Haiti. He said the church building in St. Maarten, which has been under construction from 2004 to 2019, was dedicated on March 17, 2019. He also stated that there are now over 140 Apostolic Faith churches in Haiti, with around 45,000 members. The headquarters church, now under construction, will be dedicated in February of 2020, and will be large enough to accommodate camp meetings.

Other Featured Testimonies: Li Arechy said that recently his key card for opening the door at his place of employment was not working, but as he thought how God had worked during a recent mission trip, he decided to pray about the situation, and the door opened. Cliff Paulsen testified that his grandparents received literature from the Apostolic Faith Church over one hundred years ago, and he is thankful that he prayed through to salvation over sixty years ago. Esther Jeleuke said her younger brother passed away unexpectedly and she has really been grieving, but on Tuesday evening, she prayed that God would remove the pain, and she has felt joy ever since.

First special: The Arechy family (pictured above) sang a medley of “The Goodness of Jesus” and “God Is So Good,” with Dial Keju accompanying on guitar Li Arechy on the bass, and Luk Arechy on the ukulele.

Last special: Peter Moberg sang “This Blood.”

Bible teaching: Jack Chasteen, pastor in Roseburg, Oregon, took his text from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, and encouraged the congregation to have patience, hope, and faith while they wait for the Rapture of the Church.

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