Portland News

February 11, 2020

Tuesday Evening Service

Prelude: Josh Friesen played a  classical piece and “Great and Mighty” on his trumpet, accompanied by Sungun Yune on the piano.

Testimonies: Cheryl Downey gave thanks for God’s help when the flight she and her husband were scheduled to take was delayed, causing concern that they would miss his mother’s burial. They prayed and a flight was found to help them arrive on time. Joe Friesen related that traumatic events have happened in his family over the past year, but God has faithfully provided miracle after miracle. Susan Baltzell told how she has suffered from an old injury for years, but after consecrating her pain to the Lord, she has begun to feel better and can focus on the many blessings in her life. Shawn Witham gave thanks for God’s faithfulness during a difficult time and how it has drawn him closer to God.

First Special: The choir sang “Where He Leads, I’ll Follow.”

Last Special: Emily Luka (pictured above) sang “Is Anything Too Hard for God?” including “Got Any Rivers” and “God Will Make a Way.”

Sermon: Roth Mom used 1 John 4:16 to preach about God’s love, emphasizing that love is God’s nature. When God’s love shines through His people, others will know.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.