Portland News

July 4, 2017

Tuesday Evening Service

Prelude: The orchestra played “Americana Overture” and then accompanied the choir as they sang “America, the Beautiful.”

Featured Testimonies: Austin Baltzell said the Lord saved, sanctified, and then baptized him, and that the only reason he is alive today is because of God’s grace and love. Genevieve Ruiz said last year she requested prayer that all their children could come to camp meeting and the Lord did the impossible; they are all here this year. Michelle Hancock is thankful for her heritage, and how the Lord wonderfully saved her many years ago during camp meeting.

First Special: The choir sang “This Is America” which included the song for each branch of the military service, and as their song was sung those attending who have served stood to be recognized. LBel McCormick (pictured above), at 101 years old, was the oldest veteran present, and was given special recognition.

Last Special: A men's trio of Peter Moberg, Gary Riler, and Michael McCarville sang “Shine On Us.”

Sermon: Michael Anthony, District Superintendent of the Eastern Caribbean, preached from Hebrews 11:8-13, urging sinners to change their citizenship from the kingdom of this world to that of the Kingdom of Christ.

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