Portland News

February 6, 2018

Tuesday Evening Service

Prelude: Emmaline Worthington played the First Movement of “Down a River of Time” on the oboe.

Featured Testimonies: Kristin Lee told how she struggled to believe the Gospel was real when she was younger, but one night she prayed and God answered all her questions, and soon after that He saved her. Rosemary Worthington said although she was saved as a child, in her teen years she began to dabble in worldly things, but did not find happiness until God saved her once again and gave her real joy. Betty Lambert shared that she was sad when she recently found out her brother is dying, but she is thankful that he has experienced salvation and has peace. Tom Lambert reminisced that over seventy years ago the Lord saved him in a children’s meeting on the campground, and said the Lord has been so good to him over the years.

First Special: The choir sang “Wear a Crown (When the Battle’s Over).”

Last Special: Barry Morgan sang “I Will Rejoice.”

Sermon: Norman Hall (pictured above) used 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 to encourage his listeners that although evil abounds in the world today, Christians can look up, knowing that soon Jesus will return.

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