Portland News

May 8, 2018

Tuesday Evening Service

Prelude: Rebecca Luka played a flute solo of “Sonata” by Clementi.

Featured Testimonies: Cheryl Downey expressed appreciation for her Christian upbringing and that the Lord made a real change in her heart when she was young, which has lasted. Ray Dickey spoke of the joy and contentment that God has given him in his Christian walk. Cheryl Paulsen is thankful for the Christian examples she observed growing up in the church, and how their faithfulness in the work of the Lord made an impression on her. Clark Wolfe told how God miraculously got ahold of his heart and helped him to pray through to salvation, and now he has been serving God for more than half of his life.

First Special: The choir sang “Follow On.”

Last Special: Heidi Copko sang “It’s Alright.”

Sermon: Using 2 Timothy 2:19 as his text, Bob Downey encouraged his listeners to make Jesus their foundation, informing them that their foundation will determine who they are, how they live, the things they do, and the places they go.

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