Portland News

February 19, 2019

Tuesday Evening Service

Prelude: Julianne Luka played a piano which included “There Is a Fountain.” Then she accompanied her brother and father, Marcus and Chris Luka (pictured above), as they sang “I’ll Keep Holding On.”

Featured Testimonies: Cindie Baltzell shared a time when, as a young mother, she washed feet with another young mother and the Spirit of the Lord came down; she enjoyed the blessings but also was thankful her children were able to be a part of that special time and feel the Spirit. Chet King shared how, after saving him and changing his life, the Lord helped him make restitutions, returning things that did not belong to him. Victoria Heintz told how she was born prematurely, weighing only two pounds, eleven ounces, and with a partially detached retina in her eye. However, the Lord healed her and the eye doctor was amazed that she has perfect eyesight.

First Special: The choir sang “He’s a Wonderful Savior.”

Last Special: Emmaline Worthington sang “His Strength Is Perfect.”

Sermon: Roth Mom used Matthew 7:7-8 for his text, and spoke of his experiences as a door-to-door salesman, telling of the different reactions he would get from people when he knocked on their doors. Then he asked his listeners how they will react when Jesus knocks on their door.

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