Portland News

March 26, 2019

Tuesday Evening Service

Prelude: Claire Moberg began the service by playing a solo on the clarinet.

Featured Testimonies: David Heintz (pictured above) remembered being excited to come to church on a Tuesday night a year ago, but when he arrived his mind became distracted, so he prayed and God helped him focus and he had a wonderful prayer service. Lily Oilar said she was looking for something and couldn’t find it, so she prayed, and the Lord helped her to find it. Gayle Warberg was thankful the Lord was merciful and did not give up on her, saving her later in life, and she is thankful He helps her in all her decisions. Laura Moberg shared that at the age of thirteen, after she realized that she was not saved, she knelt beside her bed and asked the Lord to take her sins away, and He saved her. Earl Phillips told how the Lord saved him on March 21, 1948, and delivered him from cigarettes, and that same evening God also saved his future wife – they are still serving the Lord together!

First Special: Victoria Heintz and Mikayla Worthington sang “Let There Be Praise.”

Last Special: Julianne Luka sang “The Faithful One.”

Sermon: Larry Montgomery read Acts 27:31 for his text, giving the comforting message that in the midst of trials, God is always there and will help every step of the way.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.