Portland News

April 9, 2019

Tuesday Evening Service

Prelude: Franchesca and Ty Mom (pictured above) played a violin duet of “Jesus Loves Me” and “A Closer Walk.”

Featured Testimonies: Butch Carey described how he felt when the Lord saved him in 1965, saying that the peace of God flooded his soul and it was like liquid being poured in, filling him from his feet to his head. Vickee Martin was thankful that although she was not raised in a Christian home, God would answer her prayers as a child, and fifty years ago He saved her. Carter Luka stated that two days ago marked two years since he was saved. Cliff Paulsen rejoiced at the opportunity he had recently to openly share the Gospel with a friend who was very receptive.

First Special: The choir sang “Dwelling in Beulah Land.”

Last Special: Katia Fedosov sang “In Christ Alone.”

Sermon: Roth Mom used Jeremiah 29:11-13 for his text, sharing some of his own testimony and encouraging his listeners that God has a plan for their lives which includes begin saved and then being salt and light to the world.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.