Portland News

April 30, 2019

Tuesday Evening Service

Prelude: Marcus Luka played “All Through the Blood” and “Concerto for Trombone and Piano.”

Featured Testimonies: Al Smith was thankful for the opportunities he had to share the Gospel while he was in Arizona over the winter. Amy Patan spoke of her Christian heritage, which included the faithful example of her grandma, Vivian who, even in hard times, had the joy of the Lord showing in her life. Chet King remembered being sent to Vietnam while in the Navy, and doing things he knew were not right, but after he returned a friend invited him to church where he prayed and God changed his heart. Sylvia Phillips appreciated the older saints who were a help and encouragement to her and her husband when they were young, and she said that Jesus has always encouraged her as well.

First Special: The choir sang “Victory Ahead.”

Last Special: Maya Nedelcu (pictured above) sang “Living Hope.”

Sermon: Dwight Baltzell preached from 1 Kings 18:41 emphasizing the importance and the effectiveness of earnest prayer.

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