Portland News

June 11, 2019

Tuesday Evening Service

Prelude: David Warberg played “Feeling Mighty Fine” on the tuba.

Featured Testimonies: Ray Dickey shared how the Lord reached out to him after he had wandered away from the Gospel, and when he told the Lord, “If You’ll help me, I’ll serve You,” the Lord saved him. Rosie Lambert thanked the Lord for His help when she was struggling with a problem a few weeks ago, giving her words of encouragement (which she later found in the Old Testament) and working the problem out. Sam Ajayi (pictured above) said before he was saved life had no direction, purpose, or peace, but he is thankful for the peace God has given since he has been saved.

First Special: The choir sang “Whosoever Will May Come.”

Last Special: Emmaline Worthington sang “I Can Trust Jesus.”

Sermon: Roth Mom preached from Matthew 4:8-10, admonishing Christians to keep Jesus first in their lives and not to let anything become more important than Him.

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