Portland News

October 22, 2019

Tuesday Evening Service

Prelude: Janice Calhoun (pictured above) played “Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam” and “Brighten the Corner” on the piano.

Featured Testimonies: Kaye Montgomery said she was saved as a young mother, and since then God has been there for every need, including when she lost her son. Al Smith said that the morning he was saved, he opened a Bible that a faithful Christian woman had given to him when he was ten years old, and for the first time, he truly understood what he was reading. Nolan Roby said it is still in his heart to tell about when Jesus saved him as a boy, and the peace he received then is still real in his life today.

First Special: The choir sang “When We All Get to Heaven.”

Last Special: Emmaline Worthington sang “I Give You My Heart.”

Sermon: Roth Mom read Acts 8:26 for his text, and encouraged the congregation to stay in tune with God so that He can guide and direct their lives.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.