Portland News

December 10, 2019

Tuesday Evening Service

Prelude: Graham Calhoun played a trumpet solo, and then Ava Calhoun sang “Silent Night.” Both were accompanied by their grandmother, Janice Calhoun, on the piano.

Featured Testimonies: Deanna Moen shared detail from her recent trip to India, and rejoiced that ten individuals decided to be water baptized during the trip. She explained that this is a miracle because of the persecution people often endure when they take that step. Roth Mom spoke of how his family fled the war in Cambodia when he was a child, and how he used to have terrible nightmares as a result. Those bad dreams went away when he was saved. Recently he had a nightmare again, but this time in his dream, he was able to call out to Jesus for help. Catey Hinkle expressed her gratitude that the Gospel is real in her life and that she knows God has a plan for her and gives her purpose. Cliff Paulsen gave thanks for his Christian heritage which gave him the opportunity to give his life to God at a young age.

First Special: The choir sang “Come On, Ring Those Bells.”

Last Special: Cheyenna Hall and Kailyn McKay sang “Blessings.”

Sermon: Clark Wolfe read from Luke 17:11-16, comparing the disease of leprosy with sin, and the healing Jesus gave the lepers with the cure for sin that Christ offers to all mankind.

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