Portland News

May 15, 2018

Tuesday Evening Youth Service

Prelude: The youth choir began the service by singing “I’ve Been Changed.”

Testimonies: Susie Lucescu shared that she had been going through some hard things and was feeling sad, but Jesus gave her comfort. Ashley Morgan spoke of the Lord’s leading in her schooling choices. David Warberg said God orchestrated his life in a way that has been much better than he never could done. Tyler Green was thankful he can share the Gospel with his friends and bring them to church. Trina Ruiz said the Lord gives her strength and helps her do things she would not be able to do on her own, like when she was asked to sing a solo while visiting our churches in South Africa.

First Special: Imelda and Maya Nedelcu sang “Your Name.”

Last Special: Susie Lucescu (pictured above) sang “No One Cared So Much.”

Sermon: Using John 8:12 for his text, Trent Paulsen’s topic was on Jesus the Light of the world, and he assured the young people that if they follow Him they won’t walk in darkness.

Due to a power outage, the lights were out for most of the service. You can watch the sermon in the Media Center.