Portland News

July 2, 2019

Tuesday Morning Bible Teaching

Prelude: Emmaline Worthington played “Cimarosa Concerto” and “Immortal, Invisible” on the oboe. Then Kimberly Joseph, Mark Worthington, and Jillian Luka sang “Getting Ready Today.”

Featured Testimonies: Trudy Compton was thankful for God’s mercy and healing touch. Ime Lucero spoke of how he was invited to church in the Philippines, and when he heard the music and the word of God, his heart melted. At the close of the service, he was invited down to the altar where he prayed and got saved. Shannon Thompson shared that for a long time she thought she wouldn’t have any children, but God has now blessed her and her husband with five.

First Special: Kerby, Emily, and Shannon Thompson sang “Show a Little Bit of Kindness.”

Last special: Daniel and Gabriel Nketah (pictured above) sang “Cleanse Me.”

Teaching: Bob Bishop, pastor in Richmond, California, read from Joshua 3:1-6, and spoke on spiritual preparation for God’s blessing. He stated that people do not earn blessings from God, but their hearts must be prepared to seek Him for His will in their lives.

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