Portland News

July 5, 2017

Wednesday Bible Teaching

Prelude: Claudia Hanson and Sungun Yune played a cello duet of “Be Still My Soul,” “Psalm 121,” and “Amazing Grace.” This was followed by Erin and Seth Morgan and Trisha Downey singing “I Got Saved.”

Featured testimonies: Surya Gajbhiv, who has oversight of sixty churches in northwest India, told how he came to be saved at the age of twenty-one. Seth Morgan said that since he was saved, God has been restoring and healing his relationships, and was especially thankful to have spent Father’s Day with his dad for the first time in about ten years. Pierre Hancock thanked God for helping him thrive in Los Angeles, California, which is a big change from the small town in Newfoundland, Canada, where he grew up. He also thanked God for helping him let his light shine toward a troubled student. Dawn Boyce said she got saved while in college after a friend told her that Jesus died for her.

First special: A men’s quartet (pictured above) sang “When We All Get Together with the Lord.”

Last special: Monica Anthony sang “My God Is Real.”

Sermon: Joe Bishop taught on “Absolute Truth,” beginning with John 1:1-2, saying the Word of God is the truth regardless of what the world teaches, and it will help anyone get to Heaven who applies its teachings.

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