Portland News

March 8, 2017

Wednesday Evening Service

Prelude: Rosie Lambert played a medley of songs on the piano, including “Spirit of the Living God,” “In the Presence of Jehovah,” and “Near to the Heart of God.” A Worthington-Luka ladies’ ensemble (pictured above) then sang “Hosanna.”

Featured Testimonies: Allison Calhoun testified that she was saved fifteen years ago on March 10, and she is thankful that God led her to a good husband, who is also a great dad to their children. Erik Calhoun said the greatest miracle in his life was when he prayed through to salvation, and he will never forget how real the experience of sanctification was when he received it a short time later. Sister Rosie said she was saved at four years old, and she is thankful for the simplicity of the Gospel and how faithful God has been to draw her to Him. Dale Copko said he is thankful for God’s help during recent cataract surgery.

First Special: The choir sang a medley of “When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder” and “When We All Get to Heaven.”

Last Special: Ginny Friesen sang “I Want Jesus More than Anything.”

Sermon: Olusola Adesope, the Apostolic Faith group leader in Pullman, Washington, read Genesis 19:15-17 for his text, emphasizing the need to follow God’s evacuation plan in order to escape His judgment.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.