Portland News

December 31, 2017

Year End Fellowship Night

On the final day of 2017, the congregation gathered for a look back at highlights of the past year. A slideshow of pictures taken by regular photographers Kenny Cripps and Ryan Parker, as well as some photos of special events from David Heintz and Debbie Lee, were compiled into various categories that walked the audience down memory lane of the year 2017.

Each section of the slideshow began with a related quote. For example, a series of Sunday school photos was preceded by a quote from Cuyler Barre, “In Sunday school, I can learn that God helps me and takes care of me.” This was followed by pictures of several dozen smiling, singing, and listening students in their classes. The photos from Easter began with these words from Barry Morgan: “I’m thankful that I left my burdens at the Cross and Jesus saved me long ago.” The photos of everyone hard at work on the Memorial Day campground work day were preceded with Dayle Lee’s comment, “It’s a beautiful thing to see the Body of Christ work, where people are committed and everybody serves their purpose and does their part.” His words were proven true!

The quote from Lily Oilar about the Palooza was interesting and informative: “My favorite part about the Palooza is fishing in the fountain. You get to take the fish home. But you don’t want to eat it—it doesn’t taste good.” And Betty Davis’ comment prior to the Senior Christmas Luncheon photos was a warm reminder why Christmas is one of the best times of the year, “My favorite part of the Christmas season is that we still have a living Jesus; that is what the Christmas season is to me.”

Following the slideshow, snacks were served in the Narthex as everyone visited, no doubt reminiscing about the memories brought back, as well as looking ahead to the upcoming events of 2018!

Watch the full service in the Media Center.