Portland News

December 16, 2017

Youth Christmas Celebration

The young people got together for an evening of fun to celebrate Christmas on December 16. The festivities began at 5:00 p.m. with a delicious meal of roasted beef and vegetables, Caesar salad, and pumpkin pie cake for dessert. It was a meal fit for a king! Following this, everyone had fun participating in a series of group and individual games and activities.

One of the highly anticipated games was the best dressed competition, which included a few different categories. This year an '80s theme was encouraged, and two of the categories were “Best '80s Style” and “Best '80s Hair.” There was also an award for “Best Overall,” as some who attended opted for non-‘80s festive attire. The winners were given gift cards, but with a game like this, the real prize is the joy these silly outfits bring to everyone’s heart.

Some of the other games included identifying famous Christmas moments from a short video clip, and gift-wrapping a fellow young person. There was also a drawing challenge where contestants had to sketch images such as the tabernacle or their youth leader, with their eyes closed!

About one hundred young people attended, and the good times lasted until around 8:00 p.m. Though not the most sophisticated event of the season, the youth Christmas celebration is always very memorable. What a blessing to know that Jesus is the reason they can all be part God’s family, and have joy together at Christmas and all year long!

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Portland Youth Christmas Celebration 2018