Portland News

October 31, 2020

Youth Corn Maze Trip

On October 31, about thirty young people met at “The Maize at The Pumpkin Patch” on Sauvie Island for an afternoon of wandering through the Corn Maize, eating treats, picking out pumpkins, and generally enjoying a beautiful, sunny fall day on the farm. The group goes to the pumpkin patch almost every fall, but this trip was especially fun because the young people had not met for an in-person event since mid-March! For those who were able to come, it was great to be together again.

The shape of the maze changes every year, with this year’s pattern titled “Better Together.” From an aerial view one can see that the paths through the cornstalks create an illustration of a farm with sunflowers and a boy and a girl carrying a pumpkin away from a patch. From a ground view, it’s just a series of disorienting twists and turns among corn field rows! However, with the help of strategically placed clues, most people were able to complete the maze in only twenty or thirty minutes. Other farm activities included stocking up on locally grown produce at the grocery store, taking photos at the painted face-cut-out boards, warming up with hot drinks from the coffee stand, and more!

The group headed home around the time it was getting dark. Visiting The Pumpkin Patch is a favorite fall time trip for lots of people, and it is a real blessing when you get to go with a group of Christian friends. The young people were clearly happy and thankful for a great day together.