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July 30, 2017

18 Water Baptized at UK Camp Meeting

From the Superintendent's DESK

Debbie and I, along with three hundred others, have enjoyed the United Kingdom camp meeting. This year, there was an international feel with delegates attending from several countries around the world. These included Botswana, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Nigeria, Spain, and the United States. In addition, from within the United Kingdom, delegates came from England, Scotland, and Wales.

We were blessed by a full schedule of services and activities. Along with our usual camp meeting schedule of morning Bible teachings, afternoon youth services, and evening evangelistic services, there was also a minister and worker meeting on Monday, a Sunday school workshop on Wednesday, and a ladies’ meeting on Thursday.

The ladies’ meeting was conducted by Debbie, and opened with a skit about how she and I met. Then she spoke to the 125 in attendance about her godly heritage, marriage, and motherhood. Afterward, she gave each woman a handkerchief as a reminder to stay steady in the faith as her grandmothers had done.

This year’s theme of “The Ancient Landmarks” was reflected throughout the meetings. For example, one of the evening sermons was titled, “The Faith of Our Fathers.” The teachings covered such topics as “The Qualifications for Heavenly Citizenship,” “Consecration,” “Honoring God,” and “Christian Fellowship.”

On Saturday morning, we observed the ordinances of the Lord’s Supper and Foot Washing. Then a water baptismal service was held in the afternoon for eighteen candidates. It was a joyous event with much singing; the saints paused only to hear the candidate’s name followed by their baptism in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Afterward, there was more enthusiastic singing while photos were taken.

The children presented a program during Sunday school this morning, and we had our farewell morning service afterward. Then everyone loaded up the coaches for their drive back to London before dispersing to their homes.

It's been a great camp meeting with many spiritual victories won. Debbie and I are now on our way to Paris, France, for combined services there.

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UK Camp Meeting 2017