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May 7, 2018

A Beautiful New Church for the Saints in Motatei Sat

From the Superintendent's DESK

The Musgraves, Debbie, and I participated in another church dedication in Romania on Friday, but first we spent part of the day in Craiova, visiting the “Old Town” section of the city where the city hall, courthouse, and other government buildings are located. Several of the streets had been shut off from vehicle traffic, so we enjoyed strolling through the area.

In the afternoon, we drove about forty-five miles southwest of Craiova to the town of Motatei Sat to dedicate our church there. The pastor, Mitita Udrea, was waiting at the church entrance as we arrived.

Our work at this location began in January 2009 with about a dozen people meeting in a room of Brother Mitita’s house. In 2010, they inherited a piece of property and donated it for use as a church site. The building project was dedicated in September 2012, and for six years, Brother Mitita has labored to build the church. The majority of the work fell to him as many of the men must work in Craiova or neighboring countries to make ends meet. Brother John saw firsthand how he made cinder blocks one at a time and then tested their integrity by throwing them on the ground.

Today they have a beautiful church with room to grow. There were thirty in attendance for the dedication service. Brother Mitita led the congregational singing, a cappella, and also gave the history of the church, which began in his house in the early 1970s. It was the only evangelical church in Motatei Sat for many years. Eventually, the group began working with our Craiova church, and that led to them coming into the Apostolic Faith Mission of Romania.

During the service, Gheorghe Macovei and Debbie both testified. John Musgrave shared the history of the Apostolic Faith organization from its beginning in 1906 following the thread that led to the church in Motatei Sat.

The dedication message was taken from Acts 3:1. Using the account of Peter and John going to the Temple to pray, it was brought out that the dedication of a church as a house of prayer is what makes the difference in people’s lives. The dedication prayer was given by Brother John and then we had a short time of prayer in the church before going to the Sunday school room for a nice traditional Romanian meal.

Please continue to pray for this group as they testify to their community, and also for the challenges in finding work.

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Romania Church Dedications 2018