World Report

November 6, 2016

A Blessed Lord’s Day in Ghana

From the Superintendent's DESK

We started this day with Sunday school at the Ghana headquarters church in Accra. Then we went into the morning service where 1761 were in attendance. It began with a children’s program. They sang some favorite songs including “The Happy Day Express,” “Happy Welcome,” “When He Cometh,” I’ll Be a Sunbeam,” and “Jesus Bids Us Shine.” The children also had speaking parts, and as usual they were adorable.

The service immediately continued with the orchestra playing our two national anthems. This was followed by the choir singing “Clap Your Hands” and “Jesus, Hold My Hand.” Then a men's quartet sang a special welcome song tailored for the event. Before the message, the adult daughter of the Ghana District Superintendent (Akwasi Badu-Debrah) sang “No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus.” She sang beautifully, as did everyone else. All the choir and orchestra represented themselves perfectly to the glory of God.

After the prayer meeting, which followed the service, there was another interview with a local television station. Then those who were still present gathered at the front of the church for a photo session. Actually, there were many photos and it was a long session.

We have had a great time in Ghana. Please pray for the continued expansion of the work here. We go to the airport shortly and will be catching two flights, landing in Benin tonight at ten o'clock. Have a blessed Sunday in Portland. We have extended greetings from you to the Ghanaians.

Ghana 2016