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July 30, 2017

A Blessed Week at Century Camp Meeting

From the Superintendent's DESK

Bob and Cheryl Downey have sent another report from the Century camp meeting, detailing this past week’s activities.

The blessings of the Lord continued to flow at Century camp meeting, and by midweek, more people began to arrive for the duration. During the evening services, the sound of singing filled the tabernacle, and the congregation often sang along with the vocal specials. Many stood to their feet to give victorious testimonies, and it was a blessing to see so many young people gather around the altars at the close of the services.

There were a lot of children in attendance, and their enthusiasm was evident during the afternoon children’s services on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday, the teaching was on “Denominational Characteristics” of the Apostolic Faith Church. This included an explanation of who we are, what we stand for, what we believe, and what sets us apart. On Friday, Johnny Wyatt Jr., the pastor of the Brooklyn, New York, Lafayette Avenue church, gave a teaching on the baptism of the Holy Ghost, encouraging those who have not received this experience to seek for it with all their hearts. A youth service was held on Friday afternoon.

On Wednesday, which was Women’s Day, the women and girls all dressed in white. The theme was “Faith that Speaks.” The morning service began with a processional into the tabernacle, with the women singing “We’ve Come this Far by Faith.” The women who had passed away during the previous year were acknowledged with the lighting of candles, including eight-year-old McKaylan Conyers, from Kingstree, South Carolina, who passed away in March. Milestones were also recognized, including graduations, marriages, births, new jobs, and first-time attendees. After Jessica Ekanem, from Washington, D.C., sang “God Provides,” Josephine McElveen, the pastor from Washington, D.C., gave a compelling message exhorting the women to exercise their faith by separating themselves from harmful influences, and living holy lives. During the afternoon service, several women spoke briefly on what the theme, “Faith that Speaks,” meant to them.

On Thursday morning, Andres Mercedes, the pastor in the Bronx, New York, gave a marriage seminar titled “Marriage Conflict Resolution.” His interpreter was Elvido Ortiz, also from the Bronx. Brother Andres has had professional training in marriage counseling. Using a PowerPoint presentation, along with humor, he masterfully made the point that conflicts in marriage can be resolved by both spouses being willing to stop doing what they should not do, and start doing what they should do. He also brought out that the Blood of Jesus is powerful enough to change couples and help their two separate personalities blend together in harmony. He ended his presentation by highlighting the role of the husband, the role of the wife, and the role of the couple together.

Saturday activities included an afternoon picnic, and a concert in the evening. Century camp meeting concluded with a Sunday morning worship service. It was truly a time of spiritual renewal and fellowship for all those who gathered from the southern and eastern United States to focus on drawing closer to God.

The Downeys are now in Missouri preparing to receive guests at our Midwest camp meeting, which is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, August 1.

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