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February 13, 2016

A Day of Inspiring Testimonies and Tarrying Prayer

From the Superintendent's DESK

The saints in Chile continue to enjoy camp meeting. Brother Dial sent this report of Tuesday’s services:

We arrived at the church site early and found the saints already busy. The musicians were tuning their instruments, kitchen workers were preparing the afternoon meal, and others were setting up chairs for the morning teaching.

Our first Bible teaching opened with the congregation singing several hymns. This was followed by prayer and the announcements. During the testimony portion of the service, a woman from Argentina read some Scriptures from the Psalms and told how they helped lead her to salvation. Sister Yvonne also testified. She said being raised in a Christian home had many benefits, but did not guarantee her salvation. She had to make her own choice to serve the Lord. She did, and found salvation through a prayer of faith. I gave the last testimony thanking God for His faithfulness in sending a group of Christians to the college I was attending. They invited me to church, and when I went and prayed, I received a born-again experience.

For the message, Brother Sam focused on the necessity of every person knowing what salvation is and how to receive it. Using John 3:1-7, he brought out that Nicodemus was a respected religious leader with knowledge of the Bible, yet he lacked the basic understanding of how to be born again. Brother Sam cautioned against using involvement in church activities as a substitute for a born-again experience. He then talked about how to receive salvation, saying a godly sorrow for sin is the first step. This is followed by confessing all known sins, repenting of them, and committing one’s life to God. The final step is exercising faith that Jesus’ blood is the only atonement for sin and will eradicate it.

In the altar service that followed, there was much joy and unity among the brethren. It seemed that no one wanted to leave the area of prayer. A few of the saints gathered with guitars and mandolins and began singing while others fellowshipped in groups. This lasted late into the afternoon.

An evangelistic service was held in the evening. Israel Monardes, pastor of the Chimbarongo church and leader of the work in Chile, brought the message. He spoke on remaining committed to following Christ no matter the consequences. As an example, he said Paul received a commission on the road to Damascus to be a witness for Christ. As he fulfilled this, he was persecuted, but stood strong in his faith in God. Brother Israel said we have received the same commission, so we will also face hardship, but if we will maintain our relationship with God, we can be assured of victory.

The service ended with a sweet spirit around the altar as the saints tarried together in prayer.

Chile Camp Meeting 2016

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