World Report

November 2, 2017

A Great Start to WECA Trip

From the Superintendent's DESK

After arriving in Nigeria, I received a warm reception on Thursday evening, November 2, at the Western and Central Africa (WECA) headquarters in Lagos. The Students of the Lagos Apostolic Faith Secondary School greeted me with a bouquet of flowers and then presented a short program. It began with an instrumental rendition of the Nigerian national anthem followed by our national anthem. Then one of the students gave a welcome speech before being joined by the others in singing a “Welcome” song and several others, including “The Walls of Jericho Fell Down.” It was a great start to this trip, which is scheduled to continue through November 16.

Following the reception, Emmanuel Adebayo Adeniran (who prefers Brother Bayo), the WECA District Superintendent, led the way into the board room for an exchange of greetings with the WECA workers who will likely continue to facilitate this trip.

In the next two weeks, several church visits are scheduled for here and Ghana, as well as minister and worker meetings, and five church dedications. We look forward to the two church dedications in Ghana tomorrow.