World Report

January 28, 2016

A Great Victory in Neah Bay, Washington

From the Superintendent's DESK

While most of my postings relate to how God is working abroad, He is also at work here in America. This recent email came from Nancy Butler whose husband, Rich, is the pastor of our church in Neah Bay, Washington:

I have good news! I invited a couple of high school girls to church. They are of the Makah Tribe, and have been staying in our motel with their father while he works out moving back to Neah Bay. The girls did not come to Sunday school, so tonight I went to the motel to see if they would like a ride to church. The father asked them and then told me, “They aren’t into it.” After I left, I looked up to Heaven and said, “God, I can’t make them go, but You can.” A little later, the dad showed up at the church with the girls. The Spirit of God dealt with them during the service, and afterward they all prayed. The father wept, and they were all wonderfully saved. They were so happy. It was a great victory!