World Report

April 19, 2017

A Most Memorable Easter in India

From the Superintendent's DESK

Clark and Sumin Wolfe are in India, where they have been invited by correspondents to attend several church services in an area where there are no Apostolic Faith churches.

They arrived in Aurangabad on Saturday morning and were greeted at the airport by Surya Gasbyhiv of Maharashtra who would travel with them and interpret. After checking into a hotel, they traveled about two hours to where a church service had already begun. Brother Clark said they could hear the congregation singing as they approached a nice-looking church building where about forty people had gathered inside. He learned later that another five families attended regularly, but were with an elderly relative who wasn’t expected to live through the weekend.

They enjoyed an inspiring service, saying they felt the same Spirit there as in any of our meetings. Following the congregational singing was prayer and more singing. The message was given by the pastor, whose name was Peter. He took his text from Isaiah 43:1-5 and preached a wonderful sermon on the great love of God.

During the service, the Wolfes were introduced and presented with flower garlands. They were also invited to share their testimonies. Sister Sumin told how she was raised in a Muslim home before being adopted into a Christian family. She related this to later being adopted into the family of God. Brother Clark told how his life as a Christian conforms to God’s Word rather than the world. He said if it didn’t, he would have many problems. To illustrate this, he pointed to driving in India, saying he would have problems if he continued to conform to the traffic laws of the United States. The meeting closed in prayer and many went forward to be prayed for.

Brother Surya then drove the Wolfes to where another service was about to begin. They were met at the door of the church by a man who said he was a teacher at a nearby school. He took them to their seats and did some of the interpreting for them. The program followed a similar outline as at the previous church. Brother Clark said the pastor gave a very good sermon from Isaiah 52.

The group attended one more service held in the courtyard of a believer’s home. In the 107-degree weather, the congregation filled the small space and then spilled out onto the street. As the service proceeded, many of the neighbors stopped outside the gate to see what was happening.

Three congregations were visited on Easter Sunday. When our group arrived at the first location they said they saw no sign of civilization, just a few huts scattered among fields planted with a variety of crops. Near an orchard of lemon trees were several massive mango trees with five plastic chairs lined up underneath. A small area in front of them had been laid with mats for the congregation. Soon, a small truck pulled up with a PA system and a few large speakers. Singing was then broadcast in every direction, and people began to arrive.

For the service, someone read Matthew’s account of the resurrection, others testified, and a message was given focusing on the love of God. Brother Clark said the whole event was truly special, and by far the most memorable Easter he had ever spent.

The Wolfes are enjoying the fellowship in India and plan to continue there for one more week.