World Report

June 10, 2019

A New Leader for Eastern Africa

From the Superintendent's DESK

John Musgrave, Director of Africa Work, and Cliff Paulsen of Portland, Oregon, remained in Lusaka, Zambia, following the Saturday funeral service for Timothy Kaibula, the former Eastern Africa District Superintendent.

On Sunday morning, June 9, they met at the Zambia headquarters church in the prayer room with the Eastern Africa leaders to announce Brother Timothy’s successor. When the name was read, the response was a resounding “Amen,” and everyone stood immediately when asked for a show of support.

The group then proceeded to the sanctuary for the installation service. There were about 2500 in attendance, and following the prelude, they were led in singing “Praise Him! Praise Him!” The congregational prayer was offered by Bayo Adeneran, the Western and Central Africa District Superintendent.

Announcements were made and Brother John was welcomed before reading a letter to the congregation naming Brother Timothy’s successor. When the name of Boniface Banda was read, he came forward humbly and was received well by the congregation who voiced their support for several minutes. Then Brother John related the Biblical model for ordination as well as the steps taken in selecting Brother Boniface. Again there was a response of hearty approval. The board members and platform ministers gathered around Brother Boniface, and he was anointed and prayed over.

The service continued with a Scripture reading from Acts 16, and a there was a music special before the sermon, which was taken from Romans 1:16. The service closed with many going to the altar even before the call was given.

Brother Boniface and his family: