World Report

November 7, 2016

A Thriving Gospel and Beautiful Music in Benin

From the Superintendent's DESK

Late Sunday night, Bayo Adeniran and I, along with James Olaleye of our WECA headquarters office, arrived in Benin where we have sixty-two churches, mostly concentrated in the south, although the work is quickly moving into the north.

On Monday morning, we went to the headquarters church in Cotonou. Upon our arrival, three children presented us with flowers and gave a welcoming speech. Then we were ushered into the sanctuary where perhaps fifty had gathered, and we exchanged greetings.

This was followed by a meeting of ministers who oversee the work in Benin. There were about two dozen leaders present. Others were unable to attend due to work. During the meeting, I was introduced to Marcellin Hounmenou, the elderly Benin District Superintendent. He is in ill health and unable to perform full duties. However, his assistant, whom I also met, carries on faithfully when he cannot. A photo was taken of us with Brother Bayo.

In the evening, there was a workers’ meeting followed by a time of prayer and then an evangelistic service. Approximately 200 to 250 were in the workers’ meeting, overflowing the room we were in. Like the evening service, it was interpreted into French as well as the local Benin language. Among the congregation, everyone speaks the Benin language, most speak French, and many speak English.

The evening service began with two very difficult violin duets presented by two young men. Then the orchestra and choir provided several numbers including “Gloria In Excelsis Deo.” One choir piece featured a mixed vocal duet which was especially good. Later an octet sang, and before the message, a young man sang a solo titled “Miracle,” which left the congregation praising the Lord. The music program in Cotonou appears to be outstanding.

There were four testimonies in the service. However, I did not catch the interpretation. After the message and final song, there was a good response to the altar call, and many were still praying earnestly when we left.

Today, we plan to visit three churches in Benin and meet with several youth leaders. The work here is thriving and growing, and there is a deep hunger for knowledge of the Gospel.

Benin 2016