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October 17, 2017

A Week of Fellowship with the Saints in Western Romania

From the Superintendent's DESK

Our team in Romania (John and Rodica Musgrave, and their mothers, Edna Musgrave and Viorica Marincus) spent the final five days of their trip visiting our locations near the western border.

On Wednesday, October 11, they joined the saints in Sanpetru-German, pastored by Nico Tudor, for an evening service. They enjoyed two music specials provided by a children’s group and a young adult group. Then during the announcements, Gheorghei Macovei gave a report of the 2017 youth camp and encouraged the young people to attend in 2018. Brother John said it was a good service.

The next evening, they attended church in Zadareni where Ted Bora is the pastor. Sister Rodica and her mother, Viorica, shared their testimonies during the service. At the close, there was a good time of prayer and fellowship.

Friday afternoon was spent with Sister Viorica’s siblings in Periam. They were having a family gathering at the house where they grew up, which is now owned by her brother, Peter Ardelean. For the occasion, the Periam church held a special family service where the testimonies of Sister Viorica’s parents were shared. Brother John said it was interesting to hear the family history and the dedication her parents had to the Gospel.

On Saturday, a ministers’ meeting was held at our church in Zadareni. Meanwhile, a few miles away at a meeting hall in Calugareni, sixty ladies met for a Ladies’ Fellowship. Crina Macovei was the main speaker, with Sisters Edna, Rodica, and Viorica contributing. By the close, it was evident to all that the fellowship was a success, as it lasted three hours.

Our team spent Sunday morning worshiping with the saints in Comlosu Mic. The congregation had grown since last year, and the pastor, Viorel Farcus, had replaced the roof of the church and made several improvements to the interior. After the meeting, a meal was served in the new activity area.

In the afternoon, they visited the Gottlob church where Benjamin Cret is the pastor. Here too, some major remodeling and repairs had taken place. Brother John said that seeing the recently painted murals (see photo) on the Sunday school walls was a real treat and he doesn’t doubt they are an inspiration to the Sunday school children.

The final service of the trip was on Sunday evening in Teremia Mica, pastored by Brother Florin. The congregation now has a small orchestra, which provided a few specials. The youth and adult choirs also sang. Among those who testified were Sister Rodica, her uncle Pavel, and Sister Edna. There was a sweet spirit on the service, and afterward everyone enjoyed a time of prayer followed by fellowship.

Our team had a wonderful time among the saints in Romania. They said the services just kept getting better. They now look forward to arriving home in a few days. Let’s keep them and the Romania work in our prayers.

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