World Report

February 3, 2016

A Wonderful Time of Fellowship and Prayer in St. Vincent

From the Superintendent's DESK

Bob Downey, Director of North America Work, and his wife, Cheryl, left for the Caribbean on Friday, January 29, to spend a week among our churches on the island of Saint Vincent. Since their arrival, they have visited three churches accompanied by Christopher King, the District Superintendent, who writes, “We are having a wonderful time of fellowship in the presence of the Lord.”

They attended the Sunday morning and evening services at our headquarters church in Paul Over where Brother King is the pastor. Both services were full. For the morning meeting, there were several visiting from our branch churches including the pastors of Cedars, Dorsetshire Hill, Gorse Estate, and Lowmans Hill. Brother Bob said the singing was enthusiastic, showing the congregation’s love for music. For the message, he rehearsed the origins of the Apostolic Faith Church and encouraged the congregation to pass to the next generation what they have received.

On Monday evening, the service was at Penniston where LeRoy Allen is the pastor. This is a small congregation, but again there were visitors from the branches, and the church was full. The message spoke of God’s evacuation plan, and an outstanding prayer meeting followed. Brother King remarked, “What a blessing we all received.”

On the way to the Tuesday evening service, the Downeys passed by the nearly completed Argyle International Airport. It has been under construction for several years near Kingstown, where our headquarters church is located, and is scheduled for completion in March. The new airport will be able to accommodate larger planes, which should make travel to the island easier, generating tourism and job growth. This is much needed in an area where the unemployment rate is nearly twenty percent.

The service was held at Gorse Estate, our only church on the island with an ocean view. Benjamin Haynes is the pastor. His wife, Elizabeth, provided one of the music specials, singing “Remind Me, Dear Lord.” Again visitors were present from other branches filling the church.

Brother Bob said the congregation sang with their whole hearts, and because the windows and doors were open to combat the heat, the neighbors heard a good portion of the service. For the middle special, a young lady sang “Anything that Brings You Closer to Jesus.”

When it came time for testimonies, many stood to their feet to tell what God had done in their lives. In addition, several individuals shared a song, and one played the harmonica. Brother Bob said the service was followed by a sweet time of prayer and everyone stayed until the last person was finished praying, which was also the case in the previous services. Then there was a final prayer of dismissal.

In the next several days, the Downeys plan to visit our churches at Bequia, Campden Park, Greggs, and Lowmans Hill where we pray God will continue the wonderful time of fellowship and prayer.