World Report

January 7, 2019

“All Aboard” for VBS in India

From the Superintendent's DESK

Our India churches began Vacation Bible School (VBS) this past Friday, January 4, at the Durganagar church where Daniel Rayudu is the pastor. To highlight this year’s theme of “All Aboard for the Happy Day Express,” the staff wore red bandanas and engineer caps.

The front of the church had been transformed into a train depot with a railroad crossing sign and ticket booth. Inside the booth, a ticket agent sat ready to distribute bags of goodies to the seventy-two smiling children in attendance.

This first VBS session of 2019 was a great success: the children had a blessed time and many prayed afterward.

The next day, VBS was held at the Masakapalli church where Samuel Raju is the pastor. Sixty-five children attended, and enjoyed a skit in which they learned that good works do not yield salvation, but rather salvation yields good works. For the skit, the conductor of the Gospel Train to Heaven called out, “All Aboard!” Immediately, several people went forward with tickets that read, “Paid for by good works,” and were turned away. Then a woman went forward saying her ticket was not as fancy as the rest. The conductor looked at it and read out loud, “Paid for by Jesus!” Hers was the ticket to glory.

An evangelistic service followed the VBS session and was well received. It concluded with a time of prayer for all.

On Sunday morning, VBS was held at our headquarters church in Kaikavolu for 125 children. In addition to the previously mentioned activities, all of the staff members shared their testimonies.

The morning church service followed, led by Raju Rayudu, the pastor and Andhra Pradesh District Superintendent. There were 225 in attendance, including the Moens (Bob, Deanna, Rob, and Charlie), mentioned in the previous post, and Jane Burton and Jim and Cheri White, visiting India from Grants Pass, Oregon.

During the service, the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper was observed, and gifts of shawls and garlands were distributed. It closed with a time of prayer and praise.

In the evening, our Nadimpalem church, pastored by Yesu Ratnam, held VBS. There were 135 children present, and all said they wanted their tickets to be paid by Jesus. Afterward, Brother Yesu’s wife, Mary, provided a delicious meal for the staff.

As staff members continue to conduct VBS sessions at our various church locations in India, let’s pray for the children who attend and those who accompany them, that the Gospel message will take hold in their hearts.