World Report

May 7, 2018

An Apostolic Faith Presence in São Paulo

From the Superintendent's DESK

Following their visit to our church in Fortaleza, Brazil, Sam and Shade Ajayi traveled to São Paulo to meet with a congregation interested in becoming part of the Apostolic Faith work. Brother Sam sent this report of how their meeting went:

For a number of years we have been desirous of having an Apostolic Faith presence in São Paulo, Brazil. The Lord fulfilled that desire on this trip.

São Paulo is the most populous city in South America with an estimated population of over 21 million people. It has a distinct cityscape with sprawling skyscrapers that appear like a swarm of cathedrals in a prairie.

The visit to São Paulo was to meet with and assess a church group we have been corresponding with, that has indicated a desire to be a part of our organization. I met with the church group on Wednesday evening and was received warmly.

To start the meeting, we sang hymns, had a Scripture reading, prayer, and a music special. Then I extended greetings from the Portland headquarters before giving an overview of the Apostolic Faith work. It included a summary of our history, doctrines, and organizational structure. The three foundational experiences of salvation, sanctification, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit were explained, and it was brought out that being filled with the Spirit is necessary in order to successfully align ourselves to the will of God.

I also spoke to them about our particular mode of worship, such as the use of altar benches and praying before and after services. In addition, I stressed that we believe and preach the Word of God in its entirety, and they would be expected to do the same. Using divorce and remarriage as an example, I said we uphold the Biblical teaching that marriage is for life, and in the case of a divorce, there is no remarriage while the other partner is living. At the close, when the congregation was asked if they still desired to be a part of the Apostolic Faith organization, they all raised their hands with a unified “Amen.”

Our doctrinal booklets and testimony tracts in Portuguese were then distributed. The leader of the group, Josias Luiz do Carmo, and his wife, Maria Jose Silva, who have been married for over thirty years, agreed to devote the next several church services to studying this literature should the Lord tarry. Following the meeting, we had a sweet time of fellowship over refreshments.

This church is located on a hill that overlooks the center of São Paulo. Though the group is small in number, they have the potential and drive to be a beacon of the Latter Rain Gospel in São Paulo. Let us pray for them to that end.