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February 12, 2016

An Emotional Evening of Music in Chile

From the Superintendent's DESK

Our team in Chile sends this report of Monday’s service written by Brother Duane:

Monday, after a much needed rest during the day, we enjoyed an evening of music. The focus was on participation, and the spirit was one of enthusiasm. Three countries were represented: Argentina, Chile, and the United States. During the program, we heard from individuals, families, ensembles, and large choirs. Congregational singing was also interspersed throughout, though this may not have been necessary since the saints tended to sing along to whatever song they recognized.

For the first special, a large choir of combined churches sang while accompanied by eight guitars, two mandolins, an accordion, and a tambourine. When the song brought tears to the eyes of the singers, we knew the night was going to be a blessing. The evening continued with more than one group full of emotion as they sang of the Lord.

It seemed perfectly natural for Brother Sam to interrupt the concert at the midpoint to suggest a time of prayer. We had just heard from two sisters, one of whom is battling cancer. Their voices were powerful, and their singing quite beautiful. Brother Sam reminded us that even though this was a concert and not an evangelistic service, it was still camp meeting and a great time to expect God to answer prayer. The entire congregation dropped to their knees. It is not overstating it to say that the Spirit of God filled the room. I doubt there was a dry eye anywhere. Anyone could have reached out and touched God at that very moment. Together, we are holding on and believing for our sister’s healing.

The final special of the night was a lovely congregational song. I wish I could transport all of you here to listen to these people sing. While I don’t know any Spanish, it was apparent they were singing with their whole hearts and voices. After two encores we closed the evening with prayer and then another meal.

I have learned that there is a tradition here. When one is finished with a special, a testimony, or even answering a question in Sunday school, they say, “Amen,” to let everyone know they are done. I think it is only fair to wrap up this report of a blessed day and even more blessed evening with the same: Amen.

Chile Camp Meeting 2016

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