World Report

September 26, 2018

August Outreach Efforts in Burundi

From the Superintendent's DESK

Timothy Kaibula, our Eastern Africa District Superintendent, sent the following report about outreach efforts in the country of Burundi during the month of August:

A three-man team visited one of the Great Region areas of Burundi from August 6-31, 2018. The purpose of this missionary visit was twofold:

  • To encourage the seven thriving groups there, namely: Bujumbura, Chibitoke, Karusi Murwi, and Karonda (Rumonge Region), Rugombo and Buganda.
  • To explore ways of acquiring a suitable plot where a future headquarters may be established.

Special Meetings

We were privileged to hold special meetings at a location in Bujumbura on Tuesdays through Sundays. As many as were able to travel from their stations outside the city of Bujumbura came to listen to the sound teachings of the Word of God. The group leader is Brother Edouard Nimubona, and he organized a three-day special meetings campaign from August 10-12 at Chibitoke, seventy kilometers from the capital city. There was a mighty revival in that area.

On Friday, August 17, we travelled to Karonda for a three-day revival. This was yet another revival blessed by the Lord as the people learned to pray by tarrying on the altar. At the close of the service, we returned to Bujumbura because one member of the team was scheduled to take his flight back home for work.

We had a day of rest on August 20 before resuming our daily special meetings from August 21 to 26.

Ordinances Performed

On August 12 in Chibitoke, two ministers were ordained: Brother Edouard Nimubona, District pastor for Bujumbura, and Brother Davison Makinku, District pastor for Kitwe. The latter was appointed last year but had not yet been ordained. He is our current pastor at Kitwe, Zambia. He travelled with us to Burundi.

On August 26, we baptized five candidates at a well-built swimming pool in the Kamenge area, where we also held special meetings in a rented facility.

We concluded our special meetings in Bujumbura from August 27-30 before we left for home on August 31.

Plot Search

Meanwhile, we took time off to search for a plot of land that could be used for a headquarters within the city environs. During our search, we found out that land ownership in Burundi is mainly in private hands, except outside the city. The prices will be a challenge.

We thank the Lord for the privilege of visiting Burundi, where the people are hungry and receptive to the Word of God. We went, we saw, and were greatly blessed and refreshed. Please pray for the ‘seed’ that was sown in Burundi that the Lord will cause it grow and bring much fruit.