World Report

October 11, 2017

Blessed to Overflowing in Melbourne

From the Superintendent's DESK

Following the Australia camp meeting in Sydney, Sam and Shade Ajayi, along with many others, traveled to Melbourne for special meetings there. Brother Sam said they all went anticipating the Lord’s blessings and desiring that the revival which had begun in Sydney would continue in Melbourne.

The first meeting was an evening of music on Friday, October 6. Brother Sam said he was thrilled to see that the Lord had provided the congregation with a very capable organist/pianist. Also, that all of the music was inspiring, and everyone left the concert encouraged.

On Saturday evening, an evangelistic service was held. Again, the congregation enjoyed inspiring music. Then the message was given on the account in John 11 of how the Lord raised Lazarus from the dead after delaying to go to him. The congregation was admonished that when the Lord delays in answering prayer, there is a purpose, and the outcome will glorify Him. They were also encouraged that the Lord could raise the spiritually dead areas of their lives. Brother Sam said that the Spirit of God moved everyone to pray before the sermon was finished, and one sister received her sanctification.

The next day began with Sunday school, which was divided into three classes. The adult class was led by Emmanuel Tshuma, and covered the topic of “Knowledge.” There were many visitors present, including two from Nigeria, six from Samoa, one from Sri Lanka, and one from Uganda.

In the morning service, the sanctuary was filled to capacity, even with the children in a separate room. Sibonakale Tshuma of Sydney was asked to share her testimony, and thanked the Lord for raising her in a Christian home. She also expressed her appreciation of this year’s camp meeting in Sydney, saying it added so much to her spiritual growth. The message was from Ephesians 4:8, “Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men.” The saints were told that Jesus does not provide for just one or a few individual needs, but is an all-purpose provider to every need. The prayer meeting that followed continued through the afternoon.

As the final meeting approached, there was great anticipation. Brother Sam said a beautiful testimony was given by the sister who received her sanctification the evening before, as she was bubbling over with joy. The message was on Isaiah 49:15-16. The congregation responded to the promise of God that He would not forget His children who are engraved on His palms. At the close, many prayed long and earnestly, and the Lord answered. One young lady received salvation!

Brother Sam concluded his report by saying, “We feel blessed to overflowing for the amazing things the Lord has done during these past two weeks in Australia. We expect and pray that the revival will continue.”