World Report

May 9, 2018

Blessings Multiplied in Jamaica

From the Superintendent's DESK

Mark and Rosemary Worthington are visiting our churches in Jamaica. They arrived on Friday, May 4, and that evening attended the service at our Castleton church where Delceta Claudius is the pastor. They said the service was wonderful and filled with inspiring music. They especially enjoyed a heartfelt “Little Is Much When God Is in It,” sung by the choir. They heard many spontaneous testimonies, in which people spoke of lives changed, victory in Jesus, and a life of freedom in the Gospel.

The sermon highlighted instances of arithmetic in the Bible, such as when Jude asked God to multiply grace and peace to the saints (verses 1-2). It was noted that in other passages God warned against taking away from His Word or causing division among the saints. God also said He would take away burdens and add blessings to those who follow Him. After the message there was a sweet time of prayer around the altars.

On Saturday, the Jamaican church board met. Brother Mark said there was a good feeling of unity among them as they discussed several topics including the importance of being unified on doctrine.

For the Sunday morning service, the Worthingtons attended our Kingston church pastored by Ransford Nelson. They were happy to see several young people and many children in attendance. They said the congregational singing was beautiful, and though the rain pounded on the roof throughout the service, they enjoyed the blessing of God’s presence in their midst.

The sermon was taken from 1 Chronicles 4:9-10, which gives the prayer of Jabez. It brought out that in ancient times, a person’s life was often influenced by the character trait associated with their name. Jabez’ name was associated with sorrow, and that could have determined the direction of his life. However, by turning to God, he was able to rise above life’s negative circumstances and live a fulfilled and blessed life. The congregation was encouraged that they too could have victory through God no matter life’s circumstances. The meeting closed with a good time of prayer.

In the evening, the Worthingtons attended the service at our Spanish Town church, pastored by Nerisa Henry. They said the lights went out for a while during the service, but they had a wonderful time anyway. When the lights came back on, it was pouring down rain outside as they were singing inside of God raining down His blessings on them.

Several testimonies and music specials were given, and then Brother Mark preached from Joshua 24:15 about Joshua’s challenge to the people: “Choose you this day whom ye will serve.” He said each person must answer that same challenge today, and after one chooses to serve God, daily decisions will need to be made according to His will. He noted that some choices are between what is good and what is best. For an example, he said Martha made a good choice by serving Jesus, but Mary made the best choice by sitting at His feet. The congregation was admonished to always choose what is best, and a good altar service followed.

The Worthingtons are scheduled to visit a few more of our churches before returning home Friday.