World Report

October 19, 2018

Blessings Overflow in Melbourne

From the Superintendent's DESK

Following the Australia camp meeting in Sydney, Sam and Shade Ajayi traveled to Melbourne for a weekend of special meetings there. Those meetings are now concluded, and Brother Sam has sent this report of the services.

As the Melbourne revival meetings drew near, we were all full of expectation that the Lord would bless there as He had in Sydney. In anticipation, some brethren from Sydney who thought they would be unable to attend the Melbourne meetings quickly rearranged their schedules to make it possible.

On Friday evening, to the delight of everyone, the meetings began with a repeat performance of the Sydney concert. Especially fun was the addition of an action song led by the children: “Hallelujah, Praise Ye the Lord.” The evening ended with refreshments and a time of fellowship.

The next afternoon, we had the privilege of conducting a water baptism for the young sister who received salvation during the Sydney camp meeting. The Lord gave us pleasant weather, so we were able to go to a nearby beach for the ceremony. As the brethren lined the pier above the water, some visitors to the beach joined them, and we all witnessed the joyous occasion together. Afterward, a picnic on the beach was the perfect celebration.

In the evening, one of the testimonies was from a student whose immigration status was suddenly in jeopardy due to a small change in the requirements. He and his family had three days to find a solution or leave Australia. No one was able to help them, including the school. They needed a miracle, and God came through just in time, fixing the problem with a simple solution. The family is so glad the Lord came to their rescue.

The message was taken from Acts 26:24-29 where King Agrippa was almost persuaded to become a Christian after he and Festus listened to the Apostle Paul’s testimony. We were encouraged to be fully persuaded by the Gospel and act on the call of God. At the close, a beautiful altar service followed, and the sister who was water baptized earlier in the day received sanctification.

On Sunday morning, the children were separated from the congregation to attend Sunday school. While they had their class, the adults were led by Emmanuel Tshuma in studying a lesson on the Antichrist. He brought out that if we are faithful, we will not be on earth during the despotic rule of the Antichrist, because God has made a way of escape for His children.

The morning devotional service began with a prelude which included the song “I Made a Covenant with My Lord.” As the congregational singing followed with “Revive Us Again” and “We’re Marching to Zion,” the Spirit began to move, and when the saints sang “The Old Rugged Cross,” tears flowed. Then the person who was asked to lead the opening prayer was also overcome, and the service was halted for a time while everyone went to their knees. What a wonderful time of revival in prayer followed! We are so grateful to the Lord for visiting us in this remarkable way.

After a time, the message was given based on the account of Abraham and Lot found in Genesis 13:7-15. The point was made that unlike Lot, Abraham lived in the ocean of God’s will where he reaped great blessings. We were admonished to live within the will of God, so we too can experience the fullness of His blessings. At the close of the service, the fervent prayer that had been present earlier, continued.

We gathered Sunday evening for the final meeting, and everyone came wanting to receive one more blessing from the Lord. The message was taken from Judges 6:36-40 and focused on Gideon’s fleece. It noted that just as the fleece was soaked with dew, we have been soaked with God’s Word. The prayer meeting that followed was filled with thanksgiving for all the Lord has done for us, beginning with the Sydney camp meeting and continuing through this weekend of revival services.

The Lord has blessed us exceedingly and abundantly these past two weeks. We give glory to His name for this wonderful time of fellowship with the saints in Australia.