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Merry Christmas from the Lees

December 24, 2016

From the Superintendent's DESK

For most of us, the Christmas season is a time of anticipation. As youngsters, my six siblings and I could hardly wait for Christmas to arrive. Those last days and hours leading up to it went by much too slowly! Our children felt that way, and now our grandchildren go through the same painstaking exercise in patience each year. When the day finally comes and the long-anticipated gifts are presented, they...

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Minneapolis Special Meetings

December 14, 2016

Special meetings began at the Apostolic Faith Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on the cool, breezy evening of Friday, October 7. It has been a tradition to rotate the fall special meetings between the Upper Midwest churches in Chicago, Illinois; Madison and Richland Center, Wisconsin; Bloomington, Indiana; and Minneapolis. This year Minneapolis was the host, and many came from the other branch churches to support the meetings. Mike Friesen, from Portland, Oregon, was...

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Philadelphia Special Meetings

December 7, 2016

Special meetings were held at the Apostolic Faith Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on October 10-16. The week began with two-hour prayer meetings on Monday through Wednesday evenings, asking for God to bless the meetings.

On Thursday evening, Funso Ojo, from Hempstead, New York, used the theme verse for his text, “Blessed is he that watcheth” (Revelation 16:15). He exhorted the congregation to be spiritually alert, and to build the Body of Christ by encouraging others...

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