World Report

February 6, 2019

Change of Leadership in the Dominican Republic

On Sunday, February 3, at the Dominican Republic Apostolic Faith headquarters church in La Romana, District Superintendent Gledwin Mills announced that he is retiring as leader of the Dominican Republic work, with Reverend Deivys Pichardo (pictured above, with his wife and three children) appointed to fill that role.

A letter from Superintendent General Darrel Lee was read in Spanish at the meeting, stating, “The faithful service of Brother Mills is deeply appreciated. We recognize that he is highly regarded by all of you, being the longest serving pastor in the Dominican Republic Apostolic Faith and faithfully pastoring at the first Apostolic Faith location.” At age seventy-nine, Reverend Mills has served as a minister for over fifty-five years, and will continue to pastor one of the island churches.

The new District Superintendent, Reverend Pichardo, is a Dominican Republic board member and pastor of the Maquiteria church in Santo Domingo. The letter from Reverend Lee concluded by stating that Reverend Pichardo “is determined to preach the Gospel and stick to the practices he has learned in the Apostolic Faith since childhood. God has blessed that approach all over the world in the past and continues to do so. Just as you have faithfully supported his predecessors, we can assure him, Sister Leidy D. Ureña Mejía [wife of Reverend Pichardo], and their families of your prayerful backing. May the Spirit of God be poured out upon this host of witnesses today and in the days to come as Jesus tarries.”