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February 10, 2017

Chile Evening of Music Honors the Memory of Two

From the Superintendent's DESK

The Chile camp meeting continued on Monday with an evening of music. Two of our team from the United States (Jayne Ortiz and Yvonne Sletmoe Wilson) sent this report of the event as well as Tuesday’s services:

This year the evening of music was held in honor of Ana Maria González Valenzuela and Manuel Alejandro Gutiérrez Herrera, two saints from Chimbarongo who passed away in December. Many among their family and friends attended, some traveling quite a distance to do so, and the concert was a time of laughter and tears as we remembered the two.

Both were talented musicians who had participated in this event last year, and many of the song selections were ones they had performed or requested. Other song choices were about Heaven and the hope we have in the Lord.

The music included solos, duets, small ensembles, and congregational singing. Our team provided specials in both English and Spanish. At the end, the evening closed with a short exhortation to be ready to meet the Lord, and a reminder that we have the hope of seeing our loved ones again in Heaven if our hearts are right with God.

The Tuesday morning teaching began with the Chimbarongo choir singing “Renew Me, God” and “Submerge Me in the River of Your Spirit.” The testimony service included several accounts of miracles. One brother told how God had spared him from a fire that threatened his town for about thirteen days, killing twelve other residents. He said that as the flames approached his home, he cried out to God in desperation and was delivered; the fire circled his house, but did not harm him.

For the message, Brother Sam Ajayi spoke on the topic of “The Fruits of Salvation” saying these will instantly begin to manifest in the life of one who becomes born again. He gave several examples of fruit found in the life of a Christian, such as a desire to tell others what God has done, real joy, a love for others, and victory over sin. Following the teaching the saints went forward to the altars for a season of prayer.

The evening service began with prayer requests and a time of prayer. Then Mario Gonzales Cordova, retired pastor of Chimbarongo, led the congregation in several songs including, “Washed by the Blood” and “The Glorious Morning.”

The first to testify was Brother Andres Mercedes who along with his wife, Zaida, was the last of our team to arrive from the United States. He told how God opened the way for him to get to the camp meeting. He also testified that God saved him at age fifteen and has been faithful to keep him.

Before the message, Sister Jayne Ortiz and Sister Zaida Mercedes sang “He Touched Me.” Then Brother Eladio Retamal took his text from Mathew 8:5-13, the account of the Centurion and his servant. He brought out that God answers prayer regardless of status. He also said Jesus is the Doctor of all doctors, and He does not charge a penny. He encouraged everyone to trust in Jesus and His healing power.

The presence of God was in our midst and the congregation rushed to the altar as the choir closed with a song. Pastors and ministers prayed over the sick as they came forward.

We pray for all who attended the concert that God will use what was said to speak to their hearts, and also for the saints in Chile as they continue to grieve.

Chile Camp Meeting 2017