World Report

April 18, 2016

Churches Added in Southern Africa

From the Superintendent's DESK

Dwight and Susan Baltzell have concluded their trip to Africa and are preparing to return home. Brother Dwight sent this report of their final weekend there:

Before we left Zimbabwe on Friday to travel to South Africa, I was able to speak with Antonio Castilho, District Superintendent of Angola, and received a report of how the work is progressing in that country. He said we now have Apostolic Faith churches in fifteen of the eighteen provinces there. In addition, the number of churches has grown by about fifty-five in the past four years, and today we have about three hundred churches in Angola.

On Sunday, we gathered with the saints in Johannesburg, South Africa. They were expecting a large number of guests, so a hall was rented. The auditorium was of very good size with a large platform and rear balcony. It perfectly accommodated the nearly one thousand who attended.

The day began with Sunday school followed by a morning service that ran for about two hours. Then thirty to forty-five minutes was given for prayer at the altars before an informal time of fellowship was held, which included greetings and exhortations.

During this time, I had the opportunity to talk with Jameson Ntshalintshali, District Superintendent of Swaziland, and received a report of the work in that country. He said in recent years the work has grown from a single group to six churches and is doing well.

I also spoke with several from South Africa who are planning to attend this year’s Portland camp meeting, including Eddie Sadike, District Overseer of South Africa, and his wife, Ruth. We look forward to seeing them there, Lord willing.

As we thank God for the growing work in Southern Africa and pray that He will continue to bless, we also ask traveling mercies for the Baltzells who are expected home on Tuesday.