World Report

June 9, 2017

Final Report on Zambia Camp Meeting 2017

The annual Apostolic Faith camp meeting in Lusaka, Zambia, took place this year from April 9 to 23. For one month prior to its beginning, the Zambia saints had special prayer that the government would grant approval for the services to be held and that God would be present in both the preparations and the camp meeting itself. God abundantly answered those prayers.

A two-day workers’ meeting took place April 6-8, to help the camp meeting participants prepare for duty. Christ Our Substitute was the topic studied in the first session. The emphasis was on the Fall of Man and the revelation of God’s love throughout history, which Jesus fully manifested when He came as the Sacrificial Lamb to shed His Blood for the redemption of all humanity. The second session highlighted The Blessings of Brethren Living Together in Unity. The District Superintendent for East Africa, Reverend Timothy Kaibula, described unity as the bond that makes it possible for Christians to achieve goals and live in harmony with one another—a bond that is much stronger than the connection between biological relatives or members of secular organizations.

Foreign delegates in attendance

By the eve of the camp meeting, twenty-two delegates from neighboring countries, as well as hundreds of Zambians, had flocked to the campground to be present at the opening session. Attendees continued to arrive throughout the camp meeting, and the eventual count of out-of-country participants rose to sixty-eight. Thirty came from Zimbabwe, two from Burundi, five from Tanzania, one from Namibia, twelve from Botswana, six from South Africa, three from Angola, two from the United Kingdom, five from Mozambique, one from Malawi, and one from the United States—Dwight Baltzell, Regional Director for Africa, who represented the headquarters church in Portland, Oregon.

God’s Spirit present

God’s presence was felt throughout the two-week event, but especially on the first Wednesday of the camp meeting when the Spirit of the Lord worked mightily with seekers, and many prayed through to spiritual experiences.

The camp meeting schedule included morning Bible teachings, afternoon youth services, and evening evangelistic services. In the Sunday school sessions on the opening weekend, 153 children took part in elementary classes, 71 in junior classes, and 981 adults in senior classes, all studying the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and His purpose in coming to die as a substitute for lost humanity. Old and young alike pondered the fact that the believer’s faith, hope, and victory are dependent upon the Messiah’s sacrifice and His victory over death and the grave.

In the opening devotional service, attended by a crowd of 1,864 delegates, Sunday school children put on a grand welcome presentation. Reverend Kaibula gave the message, which was entitled The Great Repairer. He challenged attendees to look into their own lives and acknowledge any need of correction revealed by the Holy Spirit. At the Great Repairer’s workshop, the altar of prayer, they were encouraged to tell Him of their problems and receive the blessings that He grants to those who seek Him.

Subsequent services throughout the first week featured Bible teachings on these topics: Who is a Christian, A Pure Heart, Power for Service, and The Victory and Blessings of Calvary. There were also thrilling youth and evening revival services that included messages on The Ear, The Simple Gospel, A Blind Man, and Youth Integrity.

Highlights of the second week

The second week opened with a devotional service, and a message on The Doctrine of Resurrection, which proclaimed the believer’s living hope of being ready for the Rapture of the Church. The preacher used Matthew 28:1-10 and Luke 24:4-6 to describe this glorious, end-time event. Three messages—The Power of Prayer, The Word of God, and Doers of the Word—concluded the Bible teachings of the camp meeting. Testimonies of salvation, deliverance, and God’s intervention in man’s situations characterized every service. As new converts testified of the joy and peace that flooded their hearts when they prayed through to salvation, it was thrilling evidence that “the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear” (Isaiah 59:1).

Monday of the second week began with a ministers’ meeting in the morning, and was well attended by ministers from several African countries. The choir and orchestra provided lovely renditions of musical numbers during the concert held that evening, with 1,339 people in attendance. On the final Friday morning, a water baptismal service was held and seventy-seven candidates were water baptized. The ordinances of the Lord’s Supper and Foot Washing were observed in the evening service on the same day.

The message of the concluding Sunday evening service was a warning to the church about the spiritual adversary who goes about as a roaring lion “seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8). The minister cautioned those who were soon to depart from the camp meeting to be prayerful in order to recognize the tactics Satan uses to lure people into sin.

The divine harvest for this time of spiritual refreshing was fifty-one saved, twenty-five sanctified, eighteen baptized with the Holy Ghost, seventy healed, and seventy-three who received a reanointing. A grand total of 1,885 individuals were at the camp meeting, which was an all-time high number of attendees.