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February 16, 2016

Finding Unity in the Spirit Among New Friends in Chile

From the Superintendent's DESK

As the camp meeting in Chile neared the last day, Sister Yvonne sent this report:

How can it be that a week, which seemed to stretch out in front of us this past Sunday, is suddenly over? This was what we woke up to on Friday: the last Bible teaching and the last evening evangelical service. We will miss our new friends when we leave. The U.S. contingency has felt the love and warmth of the saints in Chile with every smile, handshake, hug, and, “Hola!” Most of all, however, we have felt the unity as we have worshiped together. The language barrier may have kept us from understanding some small things, but the big ‘Amens’ were well understood by everyone.

This morning’s teaching, given by Brother Sam, exhorted us to think of ourselves as directors of a large corporation—in this case, directors in God’s business. We were told that as directors, we are responsible for turning a profit by maintaining our testimonies and reaching out with the Gospel. Then Brother Sam pointed out that the instruction found in the first half of Mark 16:15, “Go ye into all the world,” was being fulfilled by the congregation in that moment as natives of six countries were present. He said the next step was to fulfill the last half of the verse: “and preach the gospel to every creature.” In closing, He challenged us to consecrate all our might to winning one soul this year. It was clear from the prayer service that the challenge was being accepted.

In the evening, we had another wonderful service in which God’s presence was felt. The saints in Chile are learning to testify, and as they overcome their fears and nervousness, we hear stories of God’s miraculous intervention in serious matters of health, work, family, and of course, salvation. Tonight, Brother Sam called on various sections of the church to supply a testimony, and the result was a round of testimonies reminding us that God is good . . . all of the time . . . in all situations . . . in all parts of the world.

Brother Elvido preached the message. Since he has been our interpreter for all of the services, he had to translate for himself! As the sermon progressed, however, and the Spirit of the Lord took over, it became clear that a Spanish-only message was right for this night. He preached on this thought: If it is worth it, then it is worth fighting for. As his example, he used the story of the woman who had an issue of blood. The Lord blessed in a mighty way during the altar service that followed.

At the close of the day, the kitchen staff presented us with a late night dinner as has been the practice this camp meeting. We had a lovely time of fellowship as we sat around talking with old friends and new. We have been rich in God’s blessings during this camp meeting!

Chile Camp Meeting 2016

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