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July 30, 2018

Focus of UK Camp Meeting: “Be Ready”

The theme for the United Kingdom’s 2018 camp meeting was “Be Ready,” with the key verse taken from Luke 12:40. The camp meeting was comprised of delegates from ten countries including Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Niger, Nigeria, and Ireland. It was held at our usual location, Cefn Lea Christian Centre, Mid-Wales. Most of the delegates arrived on Saturday, July 21, the day before it started.

We were blessed by a full schedule of services and activities. This included prayer meetings, Bible teachings, afternoon youth services, and evening evangelistic services. In addition there was a marriage seminar, minsters’ and workers’ meeting, ordinance service, children’s church, and baptismal service.

On the opening Sunday, we were blessed with a welcome program by the children from our London churches, followed by presentations from the orchestra and choir. Isaac Adigun, District Superintendent of Western Europe, gave the opening message from Matthew 25:1-7, which relates to this year’s theme. In his sermon titled “Trim Your Lamps,” he used the story of the ten virgins to illustrate the need for our lamps to be trimmed so that we are ready for Jesus’ coming.

In the evening, our guest speaker from the Portland headquarters church, Clark Wolfe, also used his sermon, themed “Are You Ready?” to encourage us to prepare for the rapture. His message was reinforced on Friday by Seun Ogunleye, a minister from the group in Coventry, England, in his Bible teaching titled “The Rapture of the Saints and the Great Tribulation.” Using Revelation 19:7 and Isaiah 26:20-21, Brother Seun emphasized the need to seek God now so we do not miss Heaven.

In addition, we were blessed with a Bible teaching on Monday by Loeto Gaogane of Bexley, England, titled “Building for Eternity.” Quoting from Matthew 7:24-27, he talked about the importance of one having the three foundational Christian experiences. He likened their significance to the importance of having a strong building foundation. He also spoke about the need of continuously checking that our Christian experiences are intact at all times. This message was further strengthened in the evening by Lazarus Simbanegavi of Manchester, England, who used Luke 16:22 to speak about two eternal check points—Heaven and Hell. He stressed the importance of checking into Heaven and informed us of the consequences of checking into Hell.

We were treated to more insightful Bible teachings on our Christian walk such as “Avoiding Temptation” and “Christian Oneness,” both by Brother Clark. He shared some key principles on how we can avoid temptation. One of the principles, based on Matthew 4:6-8, was the importance of using the Word of God to combat temptation—when we use the Word of God, the devil has no choice but to flee from us. He quoted from Acts 2 and used an example of an orchestra playing in harmony to emphasize the significance of unity. He explained the importance of playing from the same sheet music and following the direction of the conductor to achieve a good result. He said unity is aligning our will to God’s, and there is strength in unity.

Throughout the week, there were many opportunities for individuals to make sure they were truly ready for Christ’s coming. Sermons were given by Tunbosun Oyedokun (“Blessed Invitation”), Marian Igwe (“Happy People”), Stan Nyakuhwa (“Getting on Board”), Albert Fadairo (“Most Valuable for a Purpose”) and our guest speaker from India, District Superintendent of Andhra Pradesh, Raju Rayudu (“Redemption from the Curse of the Law and Shelter at the Altar”). These all provided seekers with the opportunity to get their three Christian experiences around the altar of prayer.

There were many encouraging testimonies about God’s goodness, grace, favour, and mercy. Many spoke of His power to save, sanctify, and to baptize with the Holy Spirit. Also to heal, provide, protect, and deliver. There were fourteen individuals (seven females and seven males) baptized in water, which was a great testament of God’s transformational power. The baptismal service was a joyous event with much singing.

The final Sunday morning farewell service started with an inspirational presentation by the children from the Midlands and North and West England Region titled “Heaven Is a Happy Place.” It was a glorious scene as the play depicted overcoming saints sitting around the feast table at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Seemingly in mid-air, they gave testimonies of how they made it and were awaiting their rewards.

The orchestra then opened with a beautiful orchestration titled “Men of Harlech,” and before the farewell sermon, the choir sang “I Love the Lord.” Using Matthew 19:16-22 as his main text and focusing on the dialogue between the rich young ruler and Jesus, Brother Clark admonished all delegates on the need to be ready. He emphasized that to be ready, we ought to let go of anything and everything that comes between us and God.

Overall, the presence of the Lord was greatly felt throughout the span of the 2018 Camp meeting. It has been a great camp meeting with many spiritual victories won. Our hearts are full of praises to God for exceeding our expectations.


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UK Camp Meeting 2018