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April 26, 2018

Focusing on God's Blessings in Korea

From the Superintendent's DESK

Bill McKibben continued his visit to our churches in South Korea over the weekend and into this week, accompanied by Kim Jeong Min, who he said has been a great blessing to him and the congregations by tirelessly interpreting. The two traveled to Busan on Saturday, April 21, arriving at about noon. This city is the second largest in South Korea with a population of over 4 million, and is Brother Kim’s hometown.

They had lunch with the new Busan pastor, Ra Young Doo, and an elder from the Busan congregation. The lunch took place at an American restaurant, which was a favorite of missionary Harold “Papa” Barrett during his stay in Korea while establishing the Apostolic Faith work there. Later in the evening, they enjoyed a time of fellowship over dinner with some of the Busan saints.

Brother Bill said the Sunday services held at Busan were blessed with saints joining from our Okpo and Daegu locations. Both congregations provided a special musical number, one in the morning and one in the evening. The morning service included a variety of music, beginning with a violin duet and then an orchestra number. Later, the choir sang, and then before the message, one of the younger sisters sang a beautiful solo. The sermon drew from Numbers 6:22-27 and was focused on God’s desire to bless His people. A sweet prayer service followed, and then everyone remained for lunch.

The afternoon service opened with the choir singing, and then an orchestra number. After the song service, several testified, including one man who told how God had blessed him as a young man, helping him to pass several licensing tests, which enabled him to have a good career. Brother Ra’s wife testified of God’s goodness to her and her family as they assumed their new post at the Busan church, and said the saints have also been so good to them.

For the first special, a ukulele trio played, and before the message, the ladies’ choir sang, including one verse in English. The sermon was taken from the account in Luke 24 of the two men who met Jesus on the road to Emmaus. It brought out that God walks with us even when we do not recognize Him or understand our situation. Also, we must look for Him in the simple things like the “breaking of bread” (verse 35). Another good altar service followed, and several of the saints were anointed and prayed over for healing.

After the service, Brother Bill and Brother Kim met with the Busan church leaders to discuss the 50th anniversary celebration of the Apostolic Faith work in Korea. It is scheduled to be held at the Seoul church during this year’s Korean camp meeting in August.

Monday began with breakfast at the Busan pastor’s home followed by a two-hour trip to our branch church in the Akyang Village. Brother Bill said the setting for this church is quite different from that of our other Korean churches, which are in cities, but they felt the same Spirit of God among the people.

They were greeted warmly by the pastor, Seo Ok Soo, and his wife, as well as their daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren who had made a special trip for the occasion. Brother Bill said they were served a lovely Korean lunch and were able to hear how God has been blessing the family. Recently, Brother Seo fell from a ladder and broke a rib, but he told the doctor it was God’s protection that prevented more ribs from being broken. He also told the group how God had undertaken for him regarding kidney stones, and they all rejoiced with him.

Brother Bill and Brother Kim next went to Seoul to participate in the Wednesday evening service. They said the Seoul church is healthy and growing, with many young families and children. They request prayer for the continued spread of the Gospel in this part of Asia as they now head home.

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