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November 7, 2017

Ghana and Nigeria Inspire with Enthusiasm for the Gospel

From the Superintendent's DESK

I traveled to Ghana Saturday morning with Bayo Adeniran, WECA District Superintendent, and James Olaleye, WECA Director of Welfare. We were met at the airport by several saints and then escorted to our hotel for breakfast before continuing to the Ghana headquarters church in Accra. As we arrived there, two rows of joyful children from the Apostolic Faith grade school greeted us while waving flags, singing, and holding up a sign that read, “Akwaaba,” which is “Welcome” in the Akan language. They presented us with flowers and we proceeded into the church for a reception followed by a workers’ meeting.

The reception included an opening prayer, a formal welcome, and an energetic program presented by the students. The formal welcome was extended by John Bekoe, who in June succeeded Akwasi Badu-Debrah as both the Ghana District Superintendent and Accra pastor. Brother Debrah died unexpectedly while in Nigeria on church business, and after the workers’ meeting, I had opportunity to meet with his family and express our condolences.

On Sunday morning, we returned to the Accra church for Sunday school, which began with a general assembly. During this time, the choir sang three selections including “To God Be the Glory,” and all were powerfully and beautifully done. Then a children’s program followed, carrying the theme of “Behold, He Cometh.” After singing “Happy Welcome” and “Welcome to Our Blessed Ghana Land,” they sang titles related to the theme. Between songs, the children recited Bible passages. The entire congregation then dispersed to study the lesson in classes located throughout the three-story church building in addition to the gallery.

The morning service was very well attended, and the choir songs were quite fabulous, including one titled “Cry Out and Shout.” It was sung in a native tongue, and though I did not understand the words, it was very inspiring. After the service, the prayer meeting went so long that the previously arranged group photo had to be delayed.

We returned to Nigeria on Monday and traveled to Enugu to meet with the saints there who were eagerly anticipating today’s dedication of their regional staff headquarters and guest house (or mission house). The greeting we received upon arrival was wonderfully enthusiastic, and inside, the church was filled to capacity.

After we were seated, the reception began with the children marching in while singing “Rise, Shine, Children of the King.” They presented a short program before marching out again. Then there was a selection from the orchestra followed by congregational singing and an opening prayer. The Regional Overseer, Saviour Nnodim, gave the welcome address. As the reception continued, it turned to a full church service lasting two hours, and when the altar call was given, everyone prayed.

The dedication today (Tuesday) began with the ribbon cutting and prayer. Then trumpeters played “To God Be the Glory” as they led the way, marching to a seating area under outdoor awnings. The congregation joined in joyfully, singing and marching behind them.

Throughout the service there were several music specials including “Specious Firmament” provided by the orchestra and “Magnify, Glorify” sung by the choir. Before the dedication address and prayer, a duet sang “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.” During the service, a brief history was given of the mission house, stating that it became an object of prayer in 2011, and in August 2014, under the direction of the current District Superintendent, Joseph Onyeabor, the foundation was laid. After the benediction, toward the close of the service, a local king was recognized and asked to say a few words. He gave a glowing recommendation of the Apostolic Faith work.

Following the service, we received a tour of the two new buildings. They are set to a nice backdrop of green vegetation. The two-story mission house has four suites downstairs and five up, with spacious closets. On each floor is a beautiful kitchen with granite countertops, and a great room, which will also serve as a dining area. The staff house offers two apartments upstairs for regional leaders and their families. There are also several apartments downstairs for full-time workers. Both buildings were very impressive and will surely be great assets to the work.

In the afternoon, a presentation was given of the development plan for the Enugu Region, which is in southeastern Nigeria. A team of twenty gave a review of recent and future projects. They reported that four church dedications have taken place in recent years, and another five will be ready in the near future. Most of these churches seat between 500 and 1,000. Additionally, there are twenty other projects currently under construction. A tabernacle, which seats 3,000 is ready for dedication, and another seating 4,000 is one of the projects under construction. These will be used to host district camp meetings. Overall, we can see that the work in Enugu continues to thrive under God’s blessing.

We have been inspired by the enthusiasm for the Gospel both in Ghana and Nigeria, and are now looking forward to an evening service at the Port Harcourt headquarters church tomorrow.

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