World Report

October 3, 2016

God’s Love Shines Through in India

From the Superintendent's DESK

Clark Wolfe and Benjamin Clapa are in India. They arrived in the village of Indrapalem on Saturday and received a warm welcome at the airport from Rayudu Raju, pastor of the India headquarters church in Kaikavolu, his wife, Suvarna, and his parents. They were then invited to Brother Raju’s home for a chicken dinner prepared by Sister Suvarna. Brother Clark said it was a great reunion over a delicious meal.

The next day, they attended Sunday services at the Kaikavolu church, which included ordinance, and had a wonderful time of fellowship.

On Monday, they were invited to observe the monthly dinner for widowers and widows held at the Kaikavolu church. The temperature reached ninety-five degrees, but that did not hinder the flow of guests. Ten tables were set out, and shifts were still needed to accommodate everyone.

One of the guests was a woman whose husband died recently. She brought her two young children with her. Brother Clark said that by their bright smiles, it was apparent they were enjoying the event. He noted that when people have God, though they may face some dark situations, His love always shines through.

On Tuesday, the saints in India are hoping to lay a foundation stone for a new church in Sarpavaram—a thirty-minute drive from Kaikavolu. However, the Hindu neighbors have been greatly protesting. As we pray for the work in India, let’s bring this situation before the Lord, and also remember to pray for the health and safety of Brothers Clark and Benjamin as they spend another week in India.