World Report

August 8, 2016

God’s Spirit Flows Unhindered at South Korea Camp Meeting

From the Superintendent's DESK

The South Korea camp meeting concluded yesterday after a week of services. Headquarters was represented by Bob Bishop, pastor of our church in Richmond, California, and his wife, Brenda.

Brother Bob wrote that they had an outstanding camp meeting with very good attendance. He said there was an amazing spirit of unity, allowing the Spirit of God to flow unhindered. As a result, several of the prayer meetings lasted well into the night.

Some common themes heard in the sermons and testimonies were holiness, mercy, and brotherly reconciliation.

The final weekend included an evangelistic service Saturday night. The message was taken from Ezekiel 47, which speaks of waters flowing from the south side of the altar until there were “waters to swim in” (verse 5). The congregation was challenged to swim in the deep spiritual waters of God’s grace, seeking all that He has for them. Another good prayer meeting followed, going late into the night.

On Sunday morning the sanctuary was full, with overflow chairs added. There were a number of local visitors, some of whom prayed after the service. At the close of the meeting, the altars filled to capacity, and prayer continued for over an hour, with the young people in particular seeking the Lord.

A concert was held Sunday afternoon for the final service. Brother Bob said there was a sweet spirit on it, as had been in the morning service, and it was a wonderful way to close out the camp meeting.

Overall, Brother Bob reported that "the camp meeting was a tremendous blessing to all, with many spiritual victories won as hungry hearts drew closer to the Lord.”

The Bishops are scheduled to return home on Tuesday. We pray for traveling mercies, and thank the Lord for the consecrations made and the blessings poured out this past week in Korea.