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March 30, 2018

Good Friday in Harare, Zimbabwe

From the Superintendent's DESK

Randy, Oscar, and I attended Good Friday services at the Southern Africa headquarters church in Harare, Zimbabwe. Similar to camp meeting, there were three services: a teaching, afternoon youth service, and evening evangelistic service.

Again, there was beautiful music throughout the day. During the teaching, Precious Bosha, who is the music secretary for Zimbabwe, sang “They Bound the Hands of Jesus.” In addition the choir sang “Wonderful Grace of Jesus,” and before the message, we heard “Speak to My Heart.”

We also heard many victorious testimonies during the services. One man said he grew up in a Christian home, but rejected the Gospel. Then, during a lightning storm, he became very fearful. Realizing it was the convicting hand of God, he repented, and God saved him that very night.

Another testimony came from a woman who grew up without knowledge of the Gospel. After she married, her husband became very ill. They went to physicians and witch doctors seeking a remedy, but did not find one. They were invited to the Apostolic Faith Church, and her husband was prayed for and healed, but they did not take the way of the Gospel. Eventually, she began to fear that the illness would return, so she went back to the church and prayed through to salvation. Her husband soon followed, and today he is a minister.

One woman praised God for saving her last year. She had lived near one of our churches for twenty years, but had animosity toward the saints because they prayed so much. Finally, she attended a service, carrying a heavy burden of sin. The burden was lifted when she prayed and God saved her. Since then the Lord has blessed her life.

The teaching sermon was taken from Matthew 16:21, 24-25. It focused on the benefits of taking up one’s cross and following Jesus. One of these is found in verse 25: “. . . whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.”

In the youth service, Randy preached about being spiritually awake, using the account of Jesus and His disciples going to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. As if to provide a visual aid, Oscar fell asleep during the sermon.

With about five hundred attending each service, we had good fellowship remembering the Lord’s sacrifice. Now we are preparing to travel to Zambia for the first part of the Easter camp meeting.

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